The e-Certified Experts


For 15 years CRDN has been the leader in textile restoration, giving insurance carriers, contractors and TPAs a nationwide network of specialists that allows homeowners to preserve their textiles and soft goods while also reducing claims costs. Now, we have combined our industry knowledge with extensive training to offer the same level of expertise for testing, cleaning and restoring electronic items affected by power surges, water, smoke or debris.


Notice of Loss

CRDN responds to claim assignments in an hour, and works with the policyholder and contractor to pack out affected electronics and perform diagnostic testing.



Immediate Needs

The policyholder’s most necessary electronic devices are restored and returned within 48 hours of the initial pack-out.




All items are tested, and those deemed to be fully restorable are cleaned and stored until the policyholder is ready for their delivery.



Just A Few Things We Restore

Televisions, appliances, laptops,

game consoles, audio equipment,

and microwaves